We know how much fun gaming is. Left alone you'd probably play all day and all night, and you'd have a great time. We know because we're gamers too and we've been there!


But if all you do is sit in your room and play games all day every day, you won't be happy. Your health and fitness will suffer, and you will limit your growth as a young person.


Our program will show you how to balance the fun of gaming with all the other great stuff life has to offer.


You'll get to play lots of games like Fortnite, Overwatch, Mario Kart and more.


You'll get to have a run around, kick a footy, and learn some exercises to keep you healthy and strong.


You'll also get to play some awesome social games that aren't on a screen, and we'll teach you how to avoid toxic behaviour and be a positive influence in your games and online.


And you'll make some new friends doing it!

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