Active Gamers Australia (AGA) is a Canberra based esport business that runs gaming school vacation programs for kids aged around 9 years and up.


Children in the program are treated to the latest console games and they will also take part in some physical activity provided by our professional and accredited sports partners such as AFL ACT. Our program often includes a visit to the Phillip Squash Center and the summer program also includes a visit to the Phillip Swimming Centre. 

Video gaming has become a highly popular pastime for children and teenagers and has many benefits around cognitive enhancement and inclusion. However, participants can spend long hours in sedentary positions in front of screens, which has created criticism around negative health effects relating to physical, social and emotional development.

Our program aims to promote the importance of a balanced lifestyle by incorporating the physical fitness aspects of sport, knowledge of good nutrition and an understanding of team building with the fun and excitement of video games. The program also seeks to foster safe gaming and teach kids how to be good digital citizens by addressing important issues in today's online environments such as bullying, racism, sexism and gaming addiction.

By sending your children to our program you are helping them learn how to enhance the positives aspects of gaming as a pastime while helping them avoid the negatives.

We have recently implemented enhancements to the program aimed at ensuring children in the older of our age range participate in a program that reflects their maturity and ability. This takes the form of higher expectations around taking responsibility for gaming equipment / tournament set up, physical exercise, and where appropriate, mentoring younger children.     

At the end of our program your children will have had a great time in a safe environment with the added bonus of learning important life skills.

The AGA program was recently reviewed by physiotherapist Chris Cousin from the Canberra Physiotherapy Centre. Chris had this to say about the program.


"The Active Gamers program is a wonderful initiative. The use of technology is ever increasing and unfortunately, at Canberra Physiotherapy Centre we have seen a worrying trend of much younger patients presenting with spinal pain secondary to a sedentary lifestyle". "The Active Gamers program offers a well-balanced and holistic experience. The active component involves a good variety of functional, whole body exercises, while the gaming aspect will introduce important ergonomic and lifestyle education in a fun and engaging format."


Luke Martin of Game Development Manager of AFL ACT South/Coast sees the benefits of the program, "The AFL will always support any initiative that will develop healthy and active lifestyles in the community. The team at Active Gamers have put together a fantastic program for the school holidays. As we know, it is important to get out and active for an hour a day to assist with both your physical and mental health and we are delighted to assist in this program."



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