Game Suitability Selection Method

Active Gamers Australia uses a number of resources to determine the suitability of gaming content for the school holiday program. In line with the eSaftey Commission’s recommendations, we consult:






Across the numerous rating organisations and methods, an individual title maybe recommended for differing ages.  For example the popular game, Fortnite is rated by Common sense media parents as 11+, common sense kids as 10+ but as 13+ by other classifiers. In these cases we individually assess game titles for their suitability for our group of participants.

Game content suitability is rated against a number of criteria including positive messages, positive role models & representations, ease of play, violence, sex, language, consumerism and drink, drugs & smoking and whether participants are allowed to play the game. We favour game content that has high ratings in the positive aspect categories.

We welcome input from parents and carers on issues around our game selection policy and individual game suitability.

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