Looking for something new to entertain the kids next school holidays?


Fun                  Educational                 Healthy            Affordable


Our GAMING school holiday camps combine all of these.



As well as having a terrific time playing the latest video games, your kids will also take part in supervised sporting activities and learn about teamwork and safe gaming.

Our programs are designed to promote a healthy balanced lifestyle

 while keeping the kids engaged and entertained for the entire day.




Some the program’s key features.

  • Access to a variety of popular game titles.
  • Physical activity program or clinic run in conjunction with professional sporting organisation’s and trainers.
  • Plenty of trained AGA staff on hand to supervise and discuss safe gaming.
  • Learn life skills such as teamwork through gaming.
  • Discuss the negatives in gaming such as poor sportsmanship and gaming addiction.
  • Special guest speakers from a variety of community and service organisations (subject to availability).
  • Hosted in safe venues such as sporting clubs, schools or universities.
  • Child Care Subsidy approved.

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