Pre-Program Information

Thank you for booking into the Active Gamers program. We’re looking forward to the new program, but before that, please read these helpful details to ensure a smooth week for everyone.


Our INNER NORTH Centre is NOW located at Lyneham High School, 61 Goodwin Street, Lyneham. Please enter via the gate at the south end, not the front reception. There is ample parking available through this gate.

Our WODEN Centre is located at the AFL Centre at 8 Spoering Street, Phillip on the first level. Parking is available right in front of the building.

Our GUNGAHLIN Centre is located at Gold Creek High School in Nicholls. Parking is available in the school car park.

Kangarootime App

The Kangarootime connect app is used to check kids in and out of our centres and also to make bookings. This is the fastest way to rebook and requires just a few clicks. The app also shows payment status for your booking. Download KT Connect App here


Our centres open at 8am. You can drop off your child anytime between 8am and 9am without them missing any structured activities. You can pick them up anytime between 4:00pm and 6pm without disrupting any structured activities. If you need to pick up earlier than 4:00pm, please let us know in advance if possible. The centres close at 6pm, so please pick up your child prior to then. Your child must be signed in and out upon arrival and departure.

Late Pickup

Until now we have not imposed any extra charges for late pickups. However now we have taken the decision to do so. Late pickups require at least 2 of our staff to work overtime resulting in higher costs for the service, and staff in turn are often unable to meet any after-hours commitments. A charge of $20 per 15 mins or part thereof, may be imposed on families who pick up children after 6pm. The childcare subsidy would not apply to this charge.


We arrange children into groups of around 11. Whenever possible, we try to place friends and siblings in the same group. This is done in the morning when the Active Gamers first arrive at the program. If you would like input into the group placement, please speak with our centre staff on the day.

Daily Timetable

There will be two sports sessions each day, one in the morning and one in the afternoon. These may be run by our friends at AFL, ACT cricket, or our own staff. At our Woden centre, one of the sessions is usually hosted at the nearby Squash centre. Additionally, there will be a daily team-building session using a different cooperative video game each day, plus some time for video game free play.


Our lunches are provided by a local caterer and come beautifully presented in bento boxes, varying each day. These are prepared on the morning of service and cater to dietary restrictions.

Healthy snacks, such as fresh fruit and muesli bars, will be available throughout the day in the main room. There is no need to bring additional food, but if you wish to, it must be nut-free. Water is always available.

Excursions (when available)

At our Woden centre, participants will visit the nearby Squash centre each morning for around 45 minutes, as authorised in the registration form. There will be a range of activities available there, providing a fun break from screens. Group of up to 11 children and one educator will walk to the Squash centra (100 meters away), and a risk assessment for this regular excursion is available upon request.

What to Bring

Your child should wear clothing appropriate for exercise and, during sunny months, a hat. If your child wants to bring their own gaming equipment (headphones, controllers, etc.), they may do so at their own risk. We suggest labelling them clearly with a name to avoid misplacement or loss. Water is readily available, but we recommend packing a water bottle. We do our best to return lost property but between programs it can be difficult items that have been placed in storage.

What Not to Bring

Please do not bring any foods containing nuts.

Childcare Subsidy and payments

We receive lots of queries around the Childcare subsidy. Please see our handy guide for some general information.

The best way to track the status of payments with relation to your booking is to use the Kangaroo Time App. It will also show invoices.

Also remember to check for emails from Centrelink alerting you to any subsidy enrolment confirmation through your MyGov account.

We no longer take a deposit when you make a booking.  We do require a payment method to be included with your booking but payments are not taken until well after the program has run.  This allows for childcare subsidy payments to reconcile and avoids unnecessary refunds or payments.

Policies and Procedures

We take our responsibilities seriously, and the full version of our Policies and Procedures Document can be found here. We welcome feedback from parents regarding the formulation of our policies, procedures, and practices. If you would like to provide feedback or make a contribution, please fill out our Familes Feedback Form.